About Us

At Belmistique we celebrate scarves. Our goal is to bring them to the forefront as the stylish and trend-setting pieces that they are. They can be just as integral to a look as your shoes, or purse or jewelry. Because of how seriously we take scarves we are intent on bringing them the notoriety they deserve.

Scarves have long been adornments used to follow cultural norms and be  fashionably stylish. They date back to Ancient Rome where its purpose was to keep its wearer clean. In Latin, the name is translated roughly as “sweat cloth”. Thankfully today that “sweat cloth” has evolved.

You don’t have to think of it as a tool anymore. Now, scarves are a fashion statement. They can change the entire look of your outfit. For example, if you have a casual outfit for work but need to go out after, with little time to change, a scarf is the perfect addition. Or, if you have a particularly favorite blouse but want to dress it up to get more wear, the scarf can distinguish it as a completely different look.


Every scarf starts with the fabric. At Belmistique.com we are aware of choosing only the best fabrics for our storefront. We have a beautiful line of natural silk scarves– no synthetic fabrics used.  Silk is a natural protein fiber that is produced by insect larvae. In general silk from moth caterpillars is used for textiles. The reason is because of its outstanding strength at the molecular level.

In contrast synthetic fabrics are plastic fabric. They are artificially derived and then joined tightly with a weave to create the fabric. There are many solvents used for their creation. Some are modal, rayon, nylon or polyester. Some fabrics that start natural are worked. For example, some fabrics start from bamboo. Of course bamboo is rigid so to get it to its pliable form a carefully crafted technique must be used. This includes using strong solvents and chemicals to achieve the soft and wearable result.

We are committed to finding the best materials for our scarves. Once we are confident we uphold a high-quality of fabric, we then move on to the fun part—the design. Anyone who loves scarves as much as we do knows how many options there are with style—color, design, weight, etc. The possibilities are endless!


The possibilities with scarves are what get us excited about them. We love finding the perfect high-quality pieces to fit with any wardrobe. The power of the scarf is something we have long espoused. Now with Belmistique.com we can truly bring our vision to the fashion market. Just visit our storefront and let us show you the best and brightest in the world of scarves. You’ll love our commitment and vision to these small pieces of clothing that can completely change your look!

Our collection scarves are designed by Ginette Thibault and produced in China.