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About Us

Belmistique was borne from a passion for photography, colors, and textures and an appreciation of a scarf’s ability to completely change the look of an outfit.

Belmistique provides access to unique colors and designs for anyone who’s passionate about scarf collection and creation. Belmistique works hard to introduce new designs and products for loyal customers.

Scarves currently available in our silk collection include Ciel Orange, Feuilles Dorée, Fleur Mystique, Rose Bébé, Marguerite, Rivière Bleu, Forêt Martienne, and more.

Our silk scarf collections are original designs by Ginette Thibault. They are inspired by nature and the textures that surround all of us. Although we currently print our scarves in Asia as indicated on our labels, they are 100% our unique designs and not available anywhere else but Belmistique.