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A unique silk scarf is a pleasure to wear. Silk scarves have been worn for centuries and have always been fashionably stylish. They date back to Ancient Rome where its purpose was to keep its wearer clean and look good at the same time. In Latin, the name is translated roughly as “sweat cloth”. It’s really a good thing that this “sweat cloth” has evolved to what it is today! At Belmistique.com we celebrate scarves. Our goal is to bring them to the forefront as the stylish and trend-setting pieces that they are. They can be just as integral to a look as your shoes, or purse or jewelry. Because of how seriously we take scarves we are intent on bringing them the notoriety they deserve.

We are committed to finding the best materials for our scarves. Once we are confident we uphold a high-quality of fabric, we then move on to the fun part—the design. Anyone who loves scarves as much as we do knows how many options there are with style—color, design, weight, etc. The possibilities are endless!


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